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Hallie + Ben + Will

I met Hallie in choir and then realized we went to the same church. She has a great sense of humor that I jive with, and we bonded.

Case in point – she recently went on a trip to Kauai with her family and this was one of her Facebook statuses: “apparently “Hallie tar tar” is the new hip dish on the island as every insect alive seems to be dining on the leg of yours truly… awesome… welts in paradise.”

How can you not like someone with a status like that? Anyway, Hallie is married to Ben. Ben is awesome, too, and together they have the cutest baby – William. Hallie got in touch with me about family photos because it’s right around the time of their anniversary and they wanted to celebrate with photos. And celebrate we did!


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Will’s hair had a mind of its own. I think it wanted to fly here.
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  1. Hallie says:

    Sam and Reid these are GREAT 🙂 Thanks so much you guys! Also, the ones of Will’s hair – HAHA. Fitting that it too has a mind of it’s own 😉

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