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It’s days like this I miss my mom; days when I would love her encouragement, support and some of her determination. I want to go out and catch a movie with her. We’d probably go see the new movie “Arthur.” We’d laugh. We’d lunch. And then we’d most likely go to the Gap. I’ve always been a Gap girl. I’d love to graduate to J. Crew, but there isn’t one in Bozeman. And I don’t like buying clothes if I can’t try them on first. You end up with pants that are like the tent in Harry Potter – they look normal at first glance, but once you get in them, they’re palatial and could house the entire Weasley family.

I have so many memories of Gap shopping with her. In all our shopping experiences together, she never bought anything for herself. Her kids always came first. And she never failed to make sure we had everything we needed. Like the time I NEEDED a pair of jean overalls. I simply had to have them. They were the COOLEST thing to wear when I was 9. They were so rad. And Gap Kids had the perfect pair. That year, we went into NYC for Thanksgiving to see the parade and to visit my aunt who was living there at the time. Just around the corner from her apartment was a Gap Kids. As soon as I saw it, I started begging bugging my mom to take me there. When I get my mind set on something, I hone in on it with exceptional commitment. Nothing can deter me. I think some people call it spoiled or bossy. I just call it being determined 🙂 I bugged her until she finally took me to try on the overalls. She told me I wasn’t going to be able to get them that day. By the time we left the city a couple of days later, I was proudly wearing them. Because I was determined 🙂

I’m just now realizing where I got that from. She was determined to make sure my brother and I were always taken care of and had the best. I never realized how selfless my mom was. She gave up so much for my brother and me.

Fast forward to today. As Reid and I are building our photography business, we are charging full-speed ahead with determination. We are determined to get better and better at taking photos. Determined to spread the word. Determined to bring a different twist to Montana wedding photography. Determined to provide our clients with art they will cherish forever. Determined to connect to people on a deep and meaningful level. Determined to find beauty in everything and everyone. Determined to give back.

Most importantly, we are determined to be kind, thoughtful, and caring along the way. If there is one thing my mom was always determined to do, it was to be kind and generous with everyone she met. Well, mom, I’m determined to be like you.

  1. Karen Robison says:

    Beautiful! Your mother had the determination to bring out the good in everyone. She did care so much for so many around her.

  2. Helen Naffziger says:

    You are AWESOME!! Love you tons & tons!!!
    Have a super day my friend! ;0)
    XOXO Helen

  3. Ohhh, I love this. I love you and I love your art. I wish I could have met your mom. She sounds incredible.

  4. Cynthia Morehead says:

    You are a beautiful reflection of her grace. I know that whatever you do, you will do it like her…..with excellence.

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