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Preview: Lindsay + Philip

Lindsay and Philip are so in love. She calls him Philadelphia. He doesn’t mind. Here is a preview of their beautiful day.

  1. Frances says:

    The most beautiful bride…..The most beautiful she’s ever looked! WOW! Great photos! The one where he kisses her is priceless and the lighting is perfect!I can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Mom says:

    Oh my beautiful daughter with her handsome man!! My eyes are moist and my smile is unending. I look forward to seeing this entire amazing keepsake you and all will enjoy the rest of our lives!!!

  3. Amanda says:

    oh my goodness! Lindsay you are breathtaking…in a word. Looks like they did an amazing job. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!!!!! ohhhh tear.

  4. Helen says:

    Lovely, Lovely, Lovely! What a beautiful day for you! And how beautiful you are! I’m so extremely happy for you and Philip! Many blessings forever, and memories that never fade! Thanks for sharing these pictures. :o)

  5. katie dimitri says:

    oh, lins, absolutely stunning!! i’m all tingly and teary-you take my breath away!! i’m just dying to see the rest! and yes, all 3000 of them!!

  6. Bill Grueninger says:

    Looks like something out of a movie. Very nice pictures. Best wishes for the both of you.

    Bill and Robin

  7. Jae Hoskins says:

    What a beautiful couple! I am so happy I was able to share your wonderful day with you! I actually had a dream about your wedding last night cause it was such a magnificent and wonderful time with all of you! I can’t wait to see you all again! Love you guys!

  8. Pamela Berg says:

    Beautiful wedding pictures! Best wishes to you both!

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