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Big Feet, Big Dreams

I have a dream. A dream that I will one day go into a shoe store, see a pair of shoes I love, ask the sales associate to bring me a size 11, and ACTUALLY HAVE THAT HAPPEN.

For some reason, I was blessed with large feet. My mom had size 10, which I would have been happy to inherit. But no. Mine had to go one size further. Which has made shoe shopping one of the banes of my existence.

This is how it’s gone down in a shoe store my entire life:

Me: Oh my goodness! I LOVE these!
Sales Associate: May I help you?
Me: Well, you probably don’t, but would you happen to have these in a size 11?
Sales Associate: (looking skeptical and slightly pitying) I’ll go check, but they usually don’t send us many.

– Two minutes later –

Sales Associate: We didn’t have any 11s, but we did have a size 10 – would you like to try them on?
Me thinking to myself: If I had wanted a 10, I would have asked for that in the first place. Just because you don’t have an 11 doesn’t mean a 10 will magically fit all of the sudden.
Me out loud: 10s don’t fit. But thanks anyway.

Until just a couple of years ago, shoe stores basically just didn’t carry above a size 10. Sure, they had the token few that looked like a giant from Romania should be wearing them, but they didn’t ever have the cute shoes in my size. Girls with large feet still have good taste, people! Little by little, shoe companies have been catching on to that fact, but it’s been a painfully slow process. Many shoes still simply aren’t made in an 11. Which is why whenever I find a pair of shoes that I like and actually come in my size, I tend to snatch them up without much thought. And that is precisely what happened yesterday.

Most of you know by now that I love vintage. And vintage Italian shoes? Yes. And vintage, red, Italian, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes in my size?!?!? HECK yes. When I saw these for $55 on an Etsy shop called Mr. Mister Vintage yesterday, I clicked “Buy Now” faster than a sales person can return from the stock room to tell me they don’t have my size.


Aren’t they fabulous? I’m so excited I found them. Finally, score one for the big-footed girl!

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