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Yearning for Warmth

Today is a day that is making me long for spring. It’s beautiful, bright and sunny, but it’s also freezing, frigid and January. Sigh. Living in Montana has its lovely perks (family, mountain majesties, great friends, fun local scene), but it also has its lows. And by lows, I especially mean the temperature. It is -1 today. Your face freezes as soon as you open the door.

I am secretly longing for sun-drenched days that have an average temperature of 75. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen until the end of July. ¬†Which is over 6 months away. Oh Bozeman summer days, why do you have to be so few and far away? I’m sure you would love it if you stayed and made yourself comfortable a little earlier than you did last year and stayed a bit later. Try it. You’ll like it.

So until that happens, I’ll be dreaming of those warmer days…

…days when you can mingle in the warm evenings at Music on Main…

…wear sandals…

…be surrounded by a cornucopia of wildflowers…

…go camping and experience this view in the evening…

…and experience a storm of a different kind than the winter one…

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