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My Favorite Things Friday: Kate Spade

The “Sound of Music” is an iconic film for me. Watching it takes me back to my childhood faster than you can say “My Little Ponies.” The song “My Favorite Things” has always been my favorite song in the movie, partly because I love Maria’s (Julie Andrews) face so much when Captain von Trapp comes in and crashes the party.

I also have a particularly funny memory of my mother singing that song in concert (she was a professional singer who, strangely enough, sounded and looked quite a bit like Julie Andrews…she was even mistaken for her in a theatre in NYC once). She was singing beautifully along with the orchestra when out came “Wild geese that fly when they’re wrapped up in noodles.” I don’t think anyone in the audience really noticed, but I was cracking up backstage.

The reason I’m telling you this is that I’m starting a blog post series. Every Friday will be “My Favorite Things Friday,” inspired by my favorite “Sound of Music” song. I’ll feature something, somewhere, someone (you get the idea) that I consider to be my favorite in some way or another (that’s a lot of “some”).

So without further ado, I love Kate Spade. Her brand is something I aspire to have our own photography business be: timeless, simple, classic, fun. See what I mean?

(photograph of Bryce Dallas Howard by Norma Jean Roy)

I want to be the Kate Spade of photography.

This video by Ely Kim commissioned by Kate Spade is just delightful. It is my favorite thing for today.

Hope you enjoy!








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