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Go Cell it on the Mountain

Over the weekend, Reid and I went Christmas tree hunting with his family. It was a beautifully frigid day as we tromped through the woods and snow in search of the perfect tree up near Fairy Lake (in light of the season, I think I’m going to call it Sugarplum Fairy Lake).

When I say tromped, I really mean trudged and fell through the snow over and over again. It was DEEP, and none of us had snow shoes. Which meant some excellent exercise. It also meant that since I have been terribly lax in the exercise department lately, I got kind of lazy during some points, especially when walking up or down a particularly long hill. So I simplified things. I got down on all fours and kind of did a bear crawl while going up to prevent myself from falling down through the snow every other step. It worked quite well, if I do say so myself, and soon the others had caught on and were following my lead. I like to think I’m a trendsetter. Even if it’s setting a trend to look ridiculous 🙂

On the downhill treks, I found it much more efficient to just roll down the hill. So I did. No one followed my lead on that one. Oh well. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

After crawling and rolling and freezing and sawing, we carried the two trees we had come for back to the car. It was then I put my hand inside my coat pocket to get my phone to check the time and found no phone. Just perfect. Somewhere on the side of that mountain, my phone had made a run for it. Reid’s mom asked if I wanted to go back and search for it, but the enormity of the terrain we’d covered and the smallness of my phone seemed like a bad combination that didn’t have a happy ending.

Then Reid said he had a metal detector (of course!) and we should go up the next day and retrace our steps (or rolls…as I was pretty convinced my phone had fallen out as I was rolling down the hill).  On Sunday, we wended our way back up the mountain to the scene of the disappearance. I walked slowly behind Reid as he scanned the detector over the snow in hopes of hearing a promising beep.  We searched and searched without hearing anything. I was beginning to lose hope. We walked to the last place I thought it might have been, and still nothing. Then with one last wand of the detector under a tree, we heard a chirp. Reid and I snapped our heads up, looking  at each other with a glimmer of hope in our eyes. He went over the area again…another beep! I dropped and started digging. And lo and behold, there was my phone, waiting patiently to be found under a pile of snow. I’m still kind of in awe that I found it.

The crazy thing? It still works perfectly.

Super excited I found it. I kept saying “I”m so tickled!” Reid kissed the tree that kept it safe.

  1. Helen says:

    YEAH!! we were so excited to hear that you found your phone. BUT even more excited to read the story ;0) I can just see Reid with the detector, him kissing the tree AND you digging haha. What a memory at this time of year you will always remember!I am sure if someone seen you walking with the detector they would wonder what in the world are those two up to haha.
    You should send the story into the cell phone place that would be funny!
    See you soon.
    Love and hugs to you my special friend!!

  2. Karen says:

    What an adventure! I could just imagine you doing all of those goofy things. I’m so glad you found your phone!

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