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Unconventional Displays of Affection

As I was browsing creative blogs last week (which I spend more time doing than I’d actually like to admit), I came across these amazing albums by an artist and designer named Debra Folz. She calls them “The Whole Story.” I even made Reid stop what he was doing (which was kind of important and time sensitive) to come over and look at my discovery.

As stated on Debra’s website, “Photographs today are stored and accessed digitally, and viewed one frame at a time. These photo albums were designed to fall off the shelf and land in your life, living amongst you the way the memories do, inbetween the spaces of everyday, yesterday, and tomorrow.”

How much fun would it be for brides to display their photos in one of these? They’re so different and unconventional, I fell in love with them right away. In fact, I’m going to start offering them as one of our wedding album options, that’s how much I love them.

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