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I was brainstorming with myself this morning. I would have preferred to brainstorm with Reid, but he’s busy, so I had to go at it alone. I know it sounds a bit one-sided, but I can come up with some pretty great ideas when I’m just tossing things back and forth inside my head. It gets a bit confusing at times, but that’s when I pull out a piece of paper and make it brainstorm with me, too.

That’s what I was doing this morning after waking up to a snow-covered wonderland. Yes, my friends, after that beautiful 60-degree day I wrote of, we were sprinkled with white powder. Winter was no longer being patient about it’s turn in the spotlight. I’ve come to peace with this, though, and think the snow is beautiful.

So what was I brainstorming about, you ask? I was thinking about about the things I like and the kind of brides I want to attract as clients. Developing a strong brand is really important in the business world, and very much so in the wedding photography sphere. You want to develop a brand that resonates with the type of clients you want to attract – AKA, the type of people you’d want to be friends with and not just their photographers.

I recently watched an amazing presentation by a rockstar of a photographer, Jasmine Star. I’ve secretly become one of her biggest fans, and I especially love her blog. Her presentation was entitled “Free to Succeed” and it was on developing a strong brand. You can watch Jasmine’s presentation here. I strongly urge you to do so if you own your own business, as her advice pertains to anyone who wants to make a business thrive.

Jasmine emphasizes the importance of staying true to yourself, what makes you special, your individuality, and how you should incorporate that into your business. The overarching idea is this: Being yourself will bring you success.

Which brings me back to the whirlwind in my head. I just began writing down anything and everything that came to mind that I love and and think of as an important contributor in my life.

So, in no particular order, here’s what came out.

Reid. He inspires me every day. And he’s just so handsome, I had to include a photo of him.

Vintage anything (I’m in London wearing a vintage dress I found). I love Timeless Vixen on Etsy.

Old movies. One of my favorites is the Philadelphia Story. Check it out.
50s dresses
High heels
J. Crew
Polo shirts
Pea coats
French berets

Classic cars
English teas (especially scones with jam and clotted cream)

London. Oh how I love London.
The English countryside

Central Park
Oxford shoes
Riding boots
International travel
Book stores
Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book ever.
Fred Astaire
Swing dancing

Big band music
Feather comforters
Cupcakes and Pastries

New England
Martha Stewart
Design magazines
Restoration Hardware
Big purses
Broadway musicals. Of course, “Wicked” is one of my favorites (I was born on Halloween, remember?)

Indian food
Greek food
Boggle and almost all board games.

Okay, so not everyone is going to love exactly what I love, but I’m sure there will be some people who will resonate with some things on my list and will resonate with us as photographers. Jasmine emphasized that you never want to try to force yourself into a mold that’s not completely yours. So, as we move forward with building our business and refining our brand, I’ll be keeping this list in mind.

Hope you have many wonderful things that bring a smile to your face.

  1. Karen says:

    I love your list, Sam. I do love and am sure I would love everything on it, if I experienced it all. You must have a real love of Boggle, especially since I pretty much always beat you at it. 🙂 You are amazing, and timeless yourself!

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