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Travelocity Fail


I got this email from Travelocity yesterday:



As you can see, it’s trying to tempt me to travel by showing me all these great travel deals from Bozeman.

Said very politely and meekly: Um…excuse me, Travelocity….where exactly are the deals?

Where there are normally a few sample fares in these kinds of promotional emails, there is absolutely nothing. And the “Search Flights” button just takes you to a generic search page.

Because there are no “great travel fares from Bozeman.” That phrase is one of the biggest oxymorons ever.

Travelocity can’t even come up with a single example. Sigh.

I love Bozeman. But it sure is difficult to get out of here sometimes. And by difficult, I mean crazy expensive. Even Travelocity is stumped on how to travel out of Bozeman cheaply.

Oh well. That’s one of the very few downsides of living in this gorgeous, albeit remote place.

Regardless of Travelocity fails, I still have the opportunity to travel to San Francisco this weekend to photograph an engagement session there. Can’t wait! I love SF and am really excited about taking photos of a gorgeous couple there. Be sure to check back after the weekend for some sneak peeks!


  1. Robert Bowen Smith

    February 7th, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    San Fran? Lucky girl! Can I come with?

  2. Sheno Fuzita

    February 7th, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Allegiant Air usually isn’t too bad on prices and they fly from Bozeman, only to places like Phoenix, Vegas, and San Fran but you could come visit the sunshine.

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