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Wedding Gift Ideas


Now, I love making wish lists as much as the next person. And I would really love if a rich benefactor came across my list and decided to graciously buy everything on it for me (including an iPad, a Kate Spade book clutch, and this).

But when it comes to the wedding wish list equivalent – the wedding registry – I tend to shy away. Wedding registries have become the norm for engaged couples. And that’s totally fine. I’m not against them. They help people who have no idea what to get a couple have a concrete list of ideas to choose from so they can’t go wrong. Gift registries tend to be very pragmatic, which is why I personally just don’t like using them. I think they kind of take the fun and surprise out of gift giving. And I think gift-giving should be fun and unexpected.

I do, however, tend to have a go-to gift I like to get a special couple. That gift is a glass pitcher from Williams-Sonoma. It makes entertaining as a new couple so much more classy! If you have friends over for dinner in your new home, what better to serve water in than this? Want to have brunch and need something pretty to serve mimosas in? Perfect! Lunch on the patio with lemonade? Here ya go! And it’s affordable! And waaaaay more fun than a Pyrex dish.

A few more unique wedding gift ideas I love…

1. For the couple that loves to cook: These gorgeous bowls by Treestump Woodcrafts. I saw these in person last year at an art fair. They use beautiful hardwood and fill cracks with turquoise. They also have cutting boards, salad servers, rolling pins…stunning.

2. For the couple that loves to read: These Golden Gate Bridge bookends will help keep their books looking neat and stylish.

4. For the couple that loves to be on time: This retro-looking clock is just adorable. And such a steal!

5. For the couple that loves to snuggle: A down comforter from The Company Store. Classic.


Happy Monday!

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