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Hello! We are Reid and Samantha, a husband and wife fine art photography duo.
We photograph romantic and joyful love stories in unforgettable destinations, preserving  your cherished memories for generations to come.

What sets us apart

Our Philosophy

A photograph is the closest thing on earth to a time machine; through it, you are transported back and catch little glimpses of the people and events that have shaped you. We believe life is precious, people should be cherished, time is fleeting, and life’s moments, big and small, should be captured with this in mind. 

husband & wife team

Having been on the other side of the camera on our own wedding day, we know what it's like to be in your shoes! After 8 years of photographing weddings together, we have gained not only vast professional experience, but a discerning sensibility that helps us manage any scenario that arises on a wedding day. Our expertise and calm demeanors create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, allowing us to capture genuine emotion and love-filled moments for you to relive for years to come. 

We've gathered all our knowledge and expertise into a custom wedding day guide created exclusively for our clients to help them navigate the wedding planning process. Our wedding guide is full of tips and insights into preparing for your wedding day and making sure your photographs are all you've hoped for and more!

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Did you know that is the Spanish expression for "soul mates"?

Once upon a time as we were walking hand-in-hand in Mexico, someone called us "two halves of an orange." 

They could see we were soul mates...two orange halves that formed a whole. 

And so Orange Photographie was born.

"Mi media naranja"

Where our name comes from

(My orange half)


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